Monday, September 29, 2008

Going back to the drawing table

Congress promised to "go back to the drawing table," as soon as possible to hammer out another deal.
Meanwhile, as of 2 p.m. CT the Dow sunk to -575.93 points.
Barack Obama, speaking from Colorado, said we shouldn't have gotten America into the financial crisis in the first place.
"We meet here at a time of great uncertainty."
Greed, is the cause, he said.
However, businesses need to make payroll.
"Get this done...step up to the plate," he called out to congress but there is no sign of a re-vote. Rosh Shoshana is upon us.
Barack said he would make sure after he is elected, that the American people would get their money back.
There was no immediate word from anyone working for John McCain.
Many blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not listening and not delivering votes. How in the hell can this be the house speaker's fault? She didn't vote for President Bush or anyone in his administration! This mess we are in is the direct fault of the American people who voted twice for President Bush. They must have liked what he was talking about. Do you like it now?Nothing personal, Mr. President but this situation is very scary, and I expected this bill to breeze through the House.
During the olden times in the Wild Wild West, those responsible would be dragged into the public square and hanged--charged with witchcraft, no doubt, but hanged.
But these aren't the olden times. These are new and modern times with a Wild West financial mentality. The only thing being killed is the American Economy and a little bit of our spirit along with it.

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