Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Pale Horse has a rider - the Koch Bros. AND THEIR GOP ROBOT SLAVES (they are the reason we don't have)

Veterans, seniors, orphans and widows, face service disruptions due to the government shut down. And, it will worsen if debt ceiling legislation isn't very soon passed. President Barack Obama during a speech Thursday morning at a Rockville, Maryland construction company, said an "economic shutdown will delay" benefit checks in November.

Now get this: benefit checks are not welfare. They are the social security dollars pulled from your earnings each time you get a check. The government takes that money and saves and invests it in the Social Security Fund. My late ex-husband earned each one of those dollars. AND I KNOW THAT HE DID BECAUSE I WAS THERE. I suffered there right along with him as we raised our disabled daughter. We were hospital parents because she was a hospital baby. It's a tough road, ask someone about it. Apparently this means nothing to the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party they fund. They want to kill me and my kids because they don't like President Obama's politics. Really?

Anyway, President Obama said a government shutdown is different that economic shutdown in that, the economic shut down is worse. A budget must be passed by October 17 or benefit checks will be delayed in November. Call your congressmen and women and bank now.

"I want to spend a little time on this- raising the debt is paying for things we've already bought. This time they are forcing the United States to default on their obligations. If the shutdown doesn't work we will put a laundry list of consessions (forward) and if we don't get it well let the country default. As reckless as a government shutdown is, an economic shutdown that results from default is worse. Social Security checks go out on time (this month) but in an economic shut down, they don't go out on time. The same for disability payments. Everybody faces real economic hardships. It will affect companies and workers. Every economists out there is saying the same thing. We've never done it before. People outside of congress are saying do not do this," Pres. Obama said.

The longer the government is shut down the worse economically it will be for the People of America. Without money to spend on everyday items, stores will lose business. Think about where you shop. You won't have money to go there. If that big box chain doesn't get your dollar as it always has, then it will cut its budget as well. Budget cuts go deep.

 First, hours are cut, then people, then positions. Middle management is next. District and regional managers will feel the cut—that is about $60 to $80,000 or more per year. They won't go shopping. Then, the advertising budget will get slashed for these stores we can't patronize anymore. Television and radio stations will cut the the cost of their airtime in order to stay afloat or they may cut personnel or both. All media outlets get money to fufill personnel contracts from ADVERTISEMENT BUDGETS. When that budget goes America will be in horrible shape.

The whole bottom wrung of society will begin with the upper middle class. Any one below that rung would have become homeless long ago. And we all know homeless people aren't cable television viewers who count. They watch at the library where they sit all day before going back to their spot on the sidewalk, alleyway or other dark corner.

So what though, huh? The old and disabled and the orphan and the widow can go jump in the lake for all we care. We work for a living.

Again, where you work depends on operating costs. A company has to cover daily, weekly, monthly operating costs—like payroll and insurance premiums for employees. These costs are covered by extended bank credit and loan usually. Like before, if the banks say no to loans to cover operating costs, your employer will close shop. Why should he take a financial hit. Good luck finding work at the big box chain because they aren't hiring anymore because we didn't get our benefit checks on time and had to pay a lot of fees et cetera. We do not live linear lives People. We live circular lives in that one thing depends on another. If too many of us fall way we will destroy society as we have come to know it.

The president said the longer we have the government shut down the worse it will become economically. On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew released a report stating that the economy is dangerously close to the debt ceiling and action must be taken.

"I want you to understand what is happening: I passed a budget that cuts deep but we will take the Republican budget level as proposed, The Senate passed it no strings. Democrats were unhappy with it but we went along. There are enough Republicans and Democrats today to pass the bill on an up or down vote. The shutdown will end today. The only thing that is keeping the government shut is U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R), won't allow a yes or no vote as to not anger extremists," Pres. Obama said.

According to news reports, House Republicans recently changed a House rule disallowing a motion for a vote on the budget.

Relaying what he heard with his own ears, President Obama said, "one House Republican said, 'We're not gonna be disrespected! We have to get something out of this— and I dont even know what that even is!'"

Pres. Obama continued by saying the current government shutdown is unlike the ones past in that it has nothing to do with deficits, spending or budgets only the Obamacare healthcare law.

Okay, now back to the dubious Koch Brothers. Here is what I found on Wikipedia about their political activities:

The brothers contribute to a variety of conservative, libertarian, and free-market individuals and organizations. They have donated more than $196 million to dozens of free-market and advocacy organizations. Tax records indicate that, in 2008, the three main Koch family foundations contributed to 34 political and policy organizations, three of which they founded, and several of which they direct.

David H. Koch was a Libertarian Vice-Presidential candidate in 1980. He advocated the abolition of Social Security, the FBI, the CIA, and public schools.

Citizens for a Sound Economy was co-founded by David Koch in the 1980s. According to the Center for Public Integrity, the Koch Brothers donated a total amount of $7.9 million between 1986 and 1993. In 1990, the brothers created the spinoff group Citizens for the Environment.

 In 2004, Citizens for a Sound Economy was renamed FreedomWorks, while its affiliated Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation became Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Since then the Koch brothers have given more than one million dollars to AFP.

At an AFP rally in 2009, David Koch said "Five years ago, my brother Charles and I provided the funds to start the Americans for Prosperity, and it's beyond my wildest dreams how AFP has grown into this enormous organization."

 AFP is the political arm of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, for which David Koch serves as chairman of the Board of Trustees. Americans for Prosperity created Patients United Now, which advocated against a single-payer health care system during the 2009-2010 healthcare reform debate. Both FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity have provided support for the Tea Party movement.

An organization with ties to the Koch Brothers, Freedom Partners, gave grants worth a total of $236 million to conservative organizations, including Tea Party groups like the Tea Party Patriots and organizations which opposed The Affordable Care Act prior to the 2012 election. A majority of Freedom Partners board of directors is made up of long-time employees of the Koch brothers, and has been called "the Koch brothers' secret bank" for its function as a vehicle to provide large donations to external organizations that advance causes supported by the Kochs.

Koch Industries describes itself as being committed to free societies and free market principles and as supporting those who champion these things. As of 2011, Koch Industries' political action committee has donated more than $2.6 million to candidates.

Koch Industries, Inc. /ˈkk/ is an American multinational corporation based in WichitaKansas, United States, with subsidiaries involved in manufacturing, trading and investments. Koch also owns InvistaGeorgia-Pacific, Flint Hills Resources, Koch Pipeline, Koch Fertilizer, Koch Minerals and Matador Cattle Company. Koch companies are involved in core industries such as the manufacturing, refining and distribution of petroleumchemicalsenergy, fiber, intermediates and polymersmineralsfertilizerspulp and paper, chemical technology equipment, ranching, finance commodities trading, as well as other ventures and investments. The firm employs 50,000 people in the United States and another 20,000 in 59 other countries.

The Koch brothers support primarily Republican candidates, who received over 80% of their political donations from 2005-2009, and in 2010 they supported California Proposition 23 (2010). The brothers pledged to donate $60 million in the 2012 election season to defeat President Barack Obama.

And they are still chasing, fighting the President of the United States and no one has explored arresting these gentlemen for acts of treason and sedition against the U.S. government. But I have to suffer, become homeless and starve. Me and my kids. Really?

Want to help me help you? Call these 15 robots controlled by the Koch Brothers—of which I am sure they are afraid:


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