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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Experts say cellphones are possibly carcinogenic - Yahoo! News

Experts say cellphones are possibly carcinogenic - Yahoo! News
Do not carry it on your person. Men will have to find a way to carry a fanny pack or clutch with manliness style.
Women can just carry it in their purses. Damn shame.
Truth be told, only and handful of us need to be in constant contact. Leave it at home, if you can.


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Oh Yeah, I started a new blog!
I began DIY Life Hack Mamma because that is what I do most of the time: figure stuff out.
 If you've ever heard of the phrase champagne taste on a beer budget, you've found me. I make soap from scratch because regular soap does not agree with my skin, I recreate restaurant meals at home, create appliances I cannot install or afford (yet,) and in general, I figure out a way from no way. I pray a lot too. Join me on my journey. It will be fun. 
Everything you see me do is for entertainment purposes only. All of my experiments are for my purposes only. It's fun to watch.

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